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American Diversified Publications

American Diversified Publications is a company that hires at-home workers, for contracted firms, to assemble an assortment of products such as CD cases, jewelry, brochures etc.  American Diversified Publications earns money by hiring at-home workers for companies who want to keep costs down.

By signing on with American Diversified Publications, you will assemble a product of your choice, and for each item assembled, a check will be delivered to you each week.  American Diversified Publications claims that there are no upfront fees necessary to start.

American Diversified Publications… A scam that falls in line with many others on the internet, or a rival of sliced bread?

Troublesome claims have been made regarding American Diversified Publications’ “no upfront fee” policy.  Many of its employees have claimed to have been tricked into believing that there was no risk involved in the transaction…  Losing anywhere from 50-100 dollars before receiving their FIRST assembly-required package from American Diversified Publications…

It has been reported that the “no upfront fee” policy has misled many consumers… Consumers claim American Diversified Publications has scammed them into a 40 dollar fee, which will be returned after the first 100 items have been assembled and received by American Diversified Publications. 

American Diversified Publications claims this fee is a deterrent for non-committed potential employees.  American Diversified Publications uses this tool to challenge the heart and commitment of the potential employees.  By playing to the emotions of potential recruits, many people claim to have been lured in. 

This brings up another problematic claim made by at-home hires.  American Diversified Publications’ refundable “deterrent” fee seems to be… not so refundable.

Once a refund has been requested, many people claim to have been treated rudely, given different numbers to call, and have had their calls left unreturned.  With this being said, I can easily see how many people are starting to proclaim American Diversified Publications as a scam.

This seems to be a recurring theme with at-home employers and “get rich quick” promises…  Testimony after testimony has led me to believe that American Diversified Publications hasn’t fallen far from the tree. 

American Diversified Publications appears to be a God-send at first glance, but as in many instances… The devil’s always in the details.  In good conscience, I can’t advise you to stake your financial future in American Diversified Publications, but if you do, be very cautious of what you might be getting yourself into.





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