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Investools is a publicly traded company which provides training to general public about stock market. It also sells analysis software which helps investors to get tips on stock market. It gives training to layman and also to intermediate level investors.

The partners of Investools include big names like optionsXpress, E-Trade, Forex Capital Markets and even Yahoo Finance. With all these big names behind them Investools products and services are very expensive. Most of the people are confused about the amount to be paid to join Investools, and to my knowledge it is not a surprise as Investools has so many programs which are very confusing.

Investools claims to have a free "GET MOTIVATED" 2-day  program of which day one is free. If you wish to continue for second day you need to pay $2000. Investools software to track the market will cost you $600 per year.

I decided to attend "GET MOTIVATED" program way back in Jan 2006. I have some inputs to share with you here. When you are attending this program, mentally be prepared to take lots of hype and sales techniques and they will try to grill you to upgrade for higher courses. If you feel you don't want to attend the second day of the program make sure you return all the materials and let them know that you will not be attending the second day of the program. If you don't make it clear to them they will charge you for the second day.

After the "GET MOTIVATED" program Investools has three other coaching programs. They charge you hefty money for these courses. They charge $5000 for Associates course, $11000 for Masters and whooping $23000 for PHD program.

Some of the people whom I have interviewed are of the opinion that Investools is more focused on up selling their products than training you for success in the markets.

Though Investools software provides relatively good information about what is happening in  the market I feel it is an old secret. You will find that information in the net free of cost.

Once you are in the clutches of Investools they will try to force you to invest even if you are not comfortable with it. The cost involved in joining Investools is so high even if you are successful it takes lots of time to eclipse your returns.

Many compare the money charged by Investools to the fee charged by any educational institution but I totally disagree with them.

If you are with Investools you will be following Black box trading where in your Investools will be making all the decisions on your behalf. I feel this is not a good idea. If you want to succeed in stock market you need to do your own research and decision making. When comes to Investools they will make all the decisions and will never educate you as to why they are taking those decisions. It is referred as Black box because you will never understand the program you are doing and all the details are kept secret.

It is for this reason I differ from the advocates of Investools who compares the amount spent on Investools with fee charged by education universities. They are incorrect because you spend all your time, money and energy learning how to use Investools software and nothing about understanding the stock market. Above all you are investing in stock market which is very difficult to predict. Although Investools claims that students will make 100% per year or more but results are not guaranteed. In reality if you look at the history the stock market legends like Warren Buffet has made just 40% return per year over his entire career.

According to one of my friend's who is experienced in stock market, the market is and always will be a dynamic entity. No software programs consistently predict the movement of the market correctly. Instead you should develop your own system of analyzing the market movement and invest. This may take years of your experience in stock market.

Also you should be aware of the fact that only 10 %of the investors make consistent money in stock market. If you want to be among those 10% you need to make your own system of analyzing the market. Investools may say it is easy to make money in stocks but believe me its not so. If you make a bad move you will be among those 90% to loose money.

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LIES!!! LH 1 stars
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I went to the Stock Trading Workshop (the 1st one) VM from AZ 5 stars
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unhappy camper Megowl 1 stars
Investools Worth the Price Virgil 5 stars
You had better have 20k lying around doing nothing.... David Neal 1 stars
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