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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a "how-to" book which supposedly teaches you how to gain wealth. This book attempts to provide help to you with your economical situation, and gives some-what impressive ideas to make a system about dealing with financial experts.

Robert Toru Kiyosaki is the author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", and is liked by many who are interested in real estate finance. He is also a businessman and investor who was born and raised in Hawaii.

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" is really only useful to those who have enormous wealth, and are not sure how to invest their savings. 

This book does have many remarkable stories in it which tries to teach you how to keep your eyes open for good business and investment opportunities. It also gives you some tips which encourages you to do the right things with your money and investments.

In Mr. Kiyosaki's book, he talks about his "Poor Dad", which is his actual father, and his "Rich Dad", which is his friend's father. Robert's father was a Superintendent in the Hawaii State Department of Education, and he believed in hard work and saving money the traditional way. He taught Robert to save his money and have an education, and also taught about the usual concepts which you hear everywhere.

On the other hand, his "Rich Dad" drives posh cars, owns small businesses, wears nice clothes, but lives in debt. Rich Dad teaches Robert to invest in real estate and assets which will yield an income instead of creating more expenses.

For example, "Rich Dad" advises Robert to invest in rental real estate, because it  will provide a passive income and shelter income from taxation by the government. Two pillars of wealth building.

Robert Kiyosaki's recent venture was Cashflow Technologies, Inc. Many people who have read the book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" feel that his new outlook is a bit controversial, and have even started questioning his status as a successful businessman and investor.

I personally feel that Robert Kiyosaki is on the right path, but do not feel this book is a good tool for people who are looking for a way to make money, it's only for those who already have it. 

Best of Luck,

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Customer Reviews for Rich Dad Poor Dad:
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Review Title Reviewed By Rating
what a scam !!!! Peter W 1 stars
SCAM A 1 stars
Poor at Best Jim 1 stars
Life changing ASHOK 5 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
one of the best books i have ever read ANTHONY ZINITI JR 5 stars
Shameless fan of Robert and Kim Dan 5 stars
My family is doing great thanks to this book maria 5 stars
Makes Alot os Sense...Who cares if he made up Rich Dad Dave 5 stars
Did you really read the book? E. A. Wolfe 5 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
ebay@money-dvds.com ebay@money-dvds.com 3 stars
Truth Time- Robert, His Wife and Company Mike- person friend 1 stars
the truth john 5 stars
Correct thinking brings positive results in life D. Rhue 5 stars
Bought it Jenny Fillier 3 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Rich Dad Education expense s leonard 4 stars
Rich Dad Education Rob T. 1 stars
Magic Bullets Only Come Out The Barrel of a Gun The Doc 4 stars
changed my life salla 5 stars
if i may Dee 4 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Eye Opening DJA 5 stars
BS Artist Kelly 1 stars
K Russell is a dolt William 3 stars
Just an opinion Jessi 4 stars
Pure Chaff SR 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Enjoyable but Unrealist J Johnson 1 stars
I read it and sent it back. 1 stars
I read it and sent it back. James Seaborn 1 stars
Did he lie about the "Rich Dad" ? Douglas 1 stars
View of the stock market is flat out wrong Paul 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Context and content Expanding Duhg 5 stars
5 stars
Economical good sense Matt T 5 stars
If you follow this guy's advice it will mess you up! K Russell 1 stars
AWESOME!!!! Dtriss 5 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
What a wake up call! R.R. 5 stars
1 stars
Great overall starter into financial literacy Deborah 4 stars
Rick T Rick 5 stars
Great Motivator Bryan 4 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
life changing RLT 4 stars
Rich Dad Poor Dad M. Hoffman 3 stars
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