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Vemma Supplement Review

Vemma is simply another multi-level marketing (MLM), or pyramid, program that looks really good on paper, but requires some serious research before signing up.
If you are not familiar with Vemma, it is a health supplement which is sold through 3rd party distributors. This type of program has a long history in MLM, and this particular company has accumulated an enormous amount of profit from selling it's products to the general public via these 3rd party distributors.
Unlike some of the newer companies that are just popping up on the scene, Vemma has been around for a decade or longer. It's biggest competitor is XanGo Juice. Both products are produced from the mangosteen fruit, which is getting quite a bit of scrupulous press as to its health benefits.
Distributors for both Vemma and XanGo have a history of making some fairly outrageous claims about the health benefits of their respective products. Whether or not you are comfortable working with that type of hyperbole is up to you.
If you happen to live and work out of the US or Canada you want to make sure you do not make claims about this product that you cannot back up. Advertising this product as something it is not can get you into trouble, and might result in lawsuits. The safe bet is to stick to what the company can prove and leave the ridiculous claims to others.
As a home based business opportunity, this is your basic pyramid scheme. There has been a lot of recent press about the company making promises to new distributors in which they cannot back up, so take that for what it is worth. As with any MLM set-up, your first priority should be to check out the product itself as that is what will drive sales.
Your second priority is to understand that you will need to recruit a downstream team of distributors in order to make any sort of decent money. This is true with all multi-level marketing companies, as it is true with this one as well.
If you honestly believe that you can get people to come on board and sell this product for you as lower tier distributors, then go for it. But work that out in your mind before you sign up for this one. Without those people working, your sales results may be disappointing.
Due to the fact this is a health supplement, your lower tier team needs to be informed about the product, and they need to be behind it 100 percent. Don't be surprised if you find a high turnover rate with the distributors you actually get to sign on with you.
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Vemma 5 stars
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