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Home Based Travel Agent

"Home Based Travel Agent" is one who is associated and works with a travel agency. Generally they will have computers and internet connection at home and will have all the information related to travel which they offer to end-customer.

Travel agency is a big time business today. They offer various services like booking of airline, hotel, cruise lines etc. In short they sell travel related products and services to customers. Viagens Abreu is the oldest known travel agency founded way back in 1840.

There are three different types of travel agencies namely Multiples, Miniples and independent agencies. Some agencies sell products and services belonging to one group while others sell products and services from multiple vendors.

It is generally presumed that the person who sells multiple products can offer better services than the one who offers a single product. This is because people feel that they offer the services according to the traveler's need. These travel agencies are called as independent agencies as they are not depended on only one vendor.

Apart from just selling airline tickets, travel agencies offers various services like rent a car, room booking, group tour etc. Most of the travel agencies will depend on parent service organization to offer services like group trips, vocational tours etc.

These parent service organization consist of airlines, cruise lines, hotels etc. They often use these companies logo displayed in prominent places to gain customer confidence. 

You can get associated with any travel agent and start your home based travel agent business by offering the products and services to travelers.

There are lots of scammers in this field who lure you to become agent of their company and steal your money. You need to be very careful when selecting travel agencies to sell products and services to customers.

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