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Matt Gagnon and Mazu
Matt Gagnon's products are not at all reliable. Believe me, by saying this I do not have any hatred towards Matt Gagnon and I don't need to be ironic about him.

The real stories about his sufferers and his company, Mazu publishing has forced everybody to think twice before considering any of Matt Gagnon's offers.

Matt Gagnon has achieved a lot of publicity off late so let me tell you who Matt Gagnon actually is. He has founded Mazu.com and is a notorious marketing guru.

He is dishonored for being thief and scam artist. Matt asserts himself to be "a direct marketing expert, author, home business mentor, business opportunity junkie and an investor."

Matt sells many books, training programs, many audio seminars like affiliate audio seminar and home business success seminar, also electronic currency exchange is focused by mazu business pack, arbitrage and others from his website.

The mazu business pack, which offers 10 unusual ways to generate money, comes in various DVDs and CDs priced at $297. But unfortunately I do not see any facts in the business pack and it's certainly a scam. It is only fooling the customers and is also a criminal (Sorry to say, I really didn't want to use such words).

The evaluator of Matt Gagnon and Mazu says that they are only selling scams on Mazu and exploiting people.

Arbitrage trading trainer course is surrounded with high propaganda but Matt Gagnon's evaluator, Mazu evaluator and online blogs indicate the reality that it is nothing but sports betting pyramid scheme.

Lets see the case of Bernard Albuquerque from New Mexico, U.S.A. –

Bernard ordered Matt Gagnon's material, but two days later he decided to cancel the order and hence he tried to contact Mazu publishing but in vain.

He later returned the material in brand new condition but Mazu only refunded 25% to his credit card company. His credit card company contacted Mazu publishers and said that this was sufficient refund.

Bernard became very disappointed because he was promised of complete refund and the publishing company changed their terms and conditions every month. (Ripoffreport.com)

Ted Redmond, Oregon U.S.A.case –

Ted Redmond had purchased both programs book for $300 and Mazu.com guaranteed 100% refund for 365 days. But Ted used it for only 3 months and when asked for refund he was given only $149.95 on 4-10-03. Hence Ted Redmond asks us to beware of this kind of rip off. (Ripoffreport.com)

Kevin, Colorado U.S.A. case –

Mazu publishing does not stick to their promise of 365 days guarantee liad in response to the last complaint. It is a very unprincipled company Hillsboro Oregon *REBUTTAL owner of the company. (Ripoffreport.com)

There are many more instances of Matt's scam. Matt & Mazu are facing different criminal cases against them.Many court cases are still pending against Mr. Matt and notorious Mazu network.

Due to false advertising, Matt Gagnon and Mazu Publishing Company are awaiting trial for the crime under the Lanham Act, 25 U.S.C. 1125(a), libel per se, interference with contract false advertising under California Business & Professions Code sections 17200 et seq. and section 17500 not to mention false statements of fact and misrepresentations of fact in their solicitation and advertising in internet commerce.

Gagnon and Mazu Publishing Company, the defendants have knowingly caused competitive injury to the innocent victims. The false statements have misled the people regarding the products and services.

Mr. Gagnon look forward to be presented before the federal judge for his fraud and cruelty which will be proved in the trial. They are as follows: For punitive and exemplary and treble damages pursuant to Civil Code section 25 U.S.C. 1117, in an amount of at least $1,000,000.00 and $500,000.00 for actual damages.

Mr. Gagnon had his first hearing in March of 2005. So beware of Matt and his Mazu and rely always on your own exploration and avoid getting scammed by these notorious gurus.

Best Wishes,

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