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Review Date 2011-01-14
Reviewer Larry Horning from Santee, CA.
Rating 1 Star or Unacceptable
Review Title My latest to RipoffReports
Review Chuck.... I have submitted questions related to your WCA wealth creation alliance service which I have paid 7K for, many weeks have passed on some of the questions not responded to, but perhaps the most recent two submitted on 12/19/2010 I am really concerned with and I am going to include them in this posting. If you choose to remain silent on issues/concerns that I have brought to your attention for what ever reason, than perhaps you would be more comfortable in responding to these questions in an open forum such as RipoffReports, because that is exactly where I will be posting any unresponded questions that have been submitted to you from me.The first two to be submitted to RipoffReports will be the following two submitted to you on 12/19/2010 and they are as follows: Chuck, Reading from the first paragraph on page 7 in your WCA members only manual, where your son asks you for a collection of your favorite trading strategies, so he could learn how to successfully implement them, you go on to say that you decided to compile your strategies into one reference manual and that you included all of the strategies that paved your way to success and early retirment! You go on to further state in para 3 that you are happy to be passing these straegies on to Alliance members etc:....etc:...and now you reveal in the attachment that a very important indicator which you use for timing/emtry into stocks ie: Keltner Channels was not included in the WCA manual...???That means your statement of including all your strategies are NOT IN FACT included in the WCA manual. I also find it interesting that a major indicator utilized in the WCA manual , namely MACD 24-56-18 is not listed in the attached document of 127 pages titled STOCK MARKET MAGIC...The Secret of Highly Profitable Trade Selection.This makes one wonder how many other indicators utilized by you are also not included. Just what kind of a Pig in a Poke are you selling here, for a mighty tidy sum....I may add... Please Respond Larry Chuck, In the WCA manual and the STOCK MARKET MAGIC manual you provided to me, you utilize the 52 week high as a conformation signal to buy if other trends are correct, I am wondering utilizing the 52 week conformation signal to buy and the Keltner Channel signals to buy as recommended in the STOCK MARKET MAGIC ie:" I try to avoid buying a stock when it is trading near or above the upper channel and is overbought.", this being said, I am curious how you can recommend Buying a new 52 week high and utilizing the Keltner Channel also for a Buy at the same time, because I downloaded 100 new 52 week highs that were traded on Friday 12/17/10 and each and everyone were trading at or above or close to the upper band in lieu of ie:"I like to buy a stock when the stock is trading near the middle or lower channel and is oversold." as stated in the STOCK MARKET MAGIC manual......This seems conflicting..... Please Respond...... Larry In closing, I will expect a response from you prior to Weds...12/29/2010, which would have given you a full 10 days and is more than ample, if you choose not to respond I will post any and all future questions to the RipoffReport forum and I suspect there will be many... Please Respond by 12/29/2010, Larry

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