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Ken Trester

"Complete Option Report" is one of the more venerable and trustworthy names in the world of options newsletter.

As an asset class, options have surged in popularity in recent years and that has led to a corresponding increase in the number of newsletters focused on options investing.

Investing newsletters come and go, so I'm usually a fan of those that have been around for a while. The "Complete Option Report" certainly fits that bill, as it has been continuously published since 1973.

Ken Trester is one of the names behind the "Complete Option Report", and probably the most recognizable.

Trester is one of the deans of the option investing world, and an honest voice. Best of all, his track record and newsletter speak for themselves when it comes to consistency and profitability.

The "Complete Option Report" is geared a little more toward investors that have had some experience with options.

However, I do believe beginners can benefit from this service, because your subscription gives you very explicit trade recommendations. Though some of the trades are more advanced than just straight put or call buys.

One of Trester's favorite strategies is credit spreads which can be highly profitable, but also quite confusing.

So the best advice that I can give to options newbies considering a subscription to the "Complete Option Report" is to do some quick studying of various options terms and strategies before signing up, because the trade recommendations won't do you any good if you're too confused to execute them.

You'll also want to familiarize yourself with credit spreads, because Trester recommended 68 credit spread trades in the "Complete Option Report" from 2004-2006. 57 of them were winners.

Subscribers receive: twice-weekly trade picks, 12 online reports, a video seminar with Trester that lasts about an hour, Option Master Software and options trading secrets for $1,595.

If that's too rich for you, or you just want to take a test drive, there is a free weekly email service that delivers one trade recommendation to your inbox.

For beginners, the folks at "Complete Option Report" also offer a nifty software program called "Push Button Option Trader" for $195. That includes a free-two month subscription to the "Complete Option Report".

This is a great tool for novices because all you'll need to do is enter a few key data points and the system will spit out your expected profitability, instructions on how to place the trade and it even ranks the trade.

Both of these products have 30-day money-back guarantees.

Overall, I think the "Complete Option Report" and "Push Button Options Trader" can really be of service to options investors of all experience levels.

I am convinced that you will have more winning options trades than losers, and I have no reservations endorsing these products.

I give Ken Trester 4 out of 5 stars.

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SCAM! 1 stars
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Net LOSS for 2013 of -1415.56% K Stevens 1 stars
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