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Michael Parness

Michael Parness is an expert day trader who once lived on a bench in New York. He soon became the owner of a sports memorabilia company called Waxman and earned a good amount of money.

However, he lost his wealth by listening to the advice of a stock market broker. Later Michael made up his mind to learn to understand the stock market and make a good profit from stock trading. Michael Parness has written numerous books such as Trend Trading To Win, How I turned $33,000 in to $7 Million in Fifteen Months-and Here's How You Can Too, Rule The Freaking Markets: How to Profit in Any Market, etc. Michael's book "Trend Trading to Win" details extensive and important information about Day Trading and reveals all facts involved to help you to decide and understand the risk within.

The trend trading program is reasonably priced at $400 per month. If you are keen on making money in day trading then it is better that you do substantial paper trading at first, as it is not clever to risk your hard earned money on unstable day trading market until you are confident of your ability.

Parness has made quite a lot of money through his programs, info commercials and book sales. Michael Parness gives great importance to probability factor and not technical factors because he thinks that market psychology is the force which drives all trading movements of stock in the market. I purchased his program "Trend Trading To Win" for $224.75, a couple of years back and found that it was not very impressive because the book spoke more about opinions and stories and not about sufficient facts.

As I have mentioned before, Michael's book talks more about psychological aspect of market rather than technical. This book may be useful to only those people who are already specialized in the stock market and would only want to know different views. This book is not recommended to those who are trying to learn about stock market trading.

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Scamster Poldy 1 stars
Debited my account for 34.95 Linda 1 stars
Trading Service Not Too Bad... Tony 4 stars
total ripoff VM 1 stars
Got Screwed Out of About 16,000 David 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Millions made.. perhaps not from trading TM 1 stars
7 million huh 1 stars
Huckster, There is no valuable info form this clown David McKian 1 stars
Mr. Parness is a Scammer. His Risk-free stratey is to sell books DVDs, wfalse promises of Riches Umesh Heendeniya 1 stars
Total Scam Scott Maywalt 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Cant Run Fast Enough Les 1 stars
The real Michael Parness First Amendment 1 stars
I took the course Joe 4 stars
Should be investigated Glenn Davis 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
scamfront runner Robert 1 stars
Micheal Parness recurring billing scam Stan 1 stars
Scam! Dont believe TrendFund.com Tim Blackman 1 stars
A complete scam artist- STAY AWAY! Rolf 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
A daytrader freind Patrick Harper 4 stars
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