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Ric Edelman

"Ric Edelman" is a personal finance guru in the same vein as Suze Orman. Both are sages of common sense and practical advice to help folks live debt-free.

Edelman hosts the "Ric Edelman Radio Show" which is broadcast on dozens of radio stations across the nation. Here, callers can get Edelman's no-nonsense financial advice free of charge.

He also publishes a newsletter that only costs $40 a year. "Inside Personal Finance" addresses topics such as retirement and estate planning, 401(k) contributions, insurance, mortgages and debt solutions. It is a great value for the money.

Edelman is also the author of the following books: "Rescue Your Money", "The Lies About Money", "The Truth About Money", "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth", "Discover the Wealth Within You", "What You Need to do Now", and "The New Rules of Money".

I'll admit that I haven't read each of these books, but if Edelman's newsletter and radio show are any indication, folks that purchase any of these books will surely be glad they did.

To be clear, if you're looking for individual stock picks or something along those lines, Edelman and his products probably aren't for you.

His advice is definitely geared towards a more conservative investment approach, and helping people manage their personal finances.

I would not seek out Edelman's advice or even listen to his show if you're fortunate enough to be debt free, and have discovered that you prefer investing,

However, many people don't find themselves in that position and Edelman is great for them. He has a straight-forward style, but doesn't scare anyone off.

Best of all, he's not going to teach anything that is so complex that you won't be able to implement it on your own.

You'll learn actionable ideas that you will be able to begin implementing within minutes of hearing them, and you'll save a lot of money along the way. For that reason alone, I heartily recommend Edelman to financial novices.

Perhaps you'll want to start out by listening to Edelman on the radio before investing in the newsletter, or any of his books.

That said, I think you'll be interested in buying one of his books after listening to the show.

Ric Edelman is one of the more trustworthy names in the world of personal finance, so I have no reservations with endorsing his products.

I give Ric Edelman 5 out of 5 stars.

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outrageous fees sally wood 1 stars
Questionable Company Dina Wang 1 stars
Ric Edelman Financial Services Kip S. Moore 5 stars
Former Employee 1 stars
Sound advice, most of the time Average Joe 5 stars
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Ric Edelman Charisse Sebastian 4 stars
Attended Seminar - not convinced Susan Pandolfi 3 stars
holistic financial planning kevin dillon 4 stars
High fee, low performance Edelman Sucks 1 stars
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