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Robert G. Allen

Robert G. Allen is a known personality in the field of marketing distressed real estate property.

His "No Money Down Real Estate" techniques have been marketed for many years, and now he is trying to get his customers into marketing some sort of vitamins.

Robert G Allen is considered a guru when dealing with distressed properties. His programs target at buying distressed properties at low prices.

His version of distressed properties includes properties that are up for foreclosure, properties whose owners are getting a divorce, owners who are not able to manage their properties due to family problems or personal problems.

Though distressed properties are good deals it is very difficult to find the right ones in today's competitive world. He mentions nothing about this in any of his programs.

Real Estate Techniques that are taught by Robert G. Allen are through seminars and "Nothing Down Clubs" all over the country.

Most people believe that he always targets inexperienced people and lure them to invest in "distressed" properties to become rich quickly.

I feel that Robert G. Allen misleads people with his seminars and other books, which could lead his customers to go bankrupt and they may even end up in jail. Most of his techniques will put you in debt.

His infamous Nothing-Down technique actually requires customer to mislead the banker or seller. These things are very evident from the fact that President of his Atlanta Robert Allen Nothing Down club went to jail for practicing the Nothing-Down technique.

Though he offers money-back guarantees for his schemes and seminars, it is next to impossible to collect the guarantee.

When it comes to getting money back from him one has to resort to the legal system only. Still there are few legal suits filed against him by the IRS.

All these real estate schemes are just fine for those who have other strong source of income otherwise you will land up in a deep financial crisis.

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Customer Reviews for Robert G. Allen:
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Review Title Reviewed By Rating
STAY AWAY!!!! scott 1 stars
100% rate for those that try it Johnny Doey 1 stars
robert g allen-review edward bliss 1 stars
Should his name be Robert Madoff? Craig Lugo 1 stars
Nothing Down Scam Ira Brown 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
phone scam cynthia 1 stars
7 day free trial stay away robert G allen!!!!! 1 stars
Robert Allen....dont waste your time or your money Paul Ignacik 1 stars
scammer laura B. 1 stars
Total Rip Off Rhonda Lasater 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
another scam Tonyt 1 stars
Robert Allen is a Teacher not a Baby Sitter Mr. Carthron 5 stars
Successful in getting refund finally UD 1 stars
Fortunately, I did not fall for Robert Allen's sales pitch! Michele Jones 1 stars
Thanks for blowing the whistle. von 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
RIP-OFF!!! Altha Williams 1 stars
Inner Wealth Daniel Ambler 5 stars
All the information is available elsewhere for a lot less Mark 1 stars
Ecommerce a/k/a Prosperlearning Maureen Arnold 1 stars
sophisticated rip-off geomalak 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Class attendant 2006 here in arizona 1 stars
Scamming Low Life! Terry 1 stars
$70,000 deficit with no refund Leona King 1 stars
Take advantage of his free seminars. Taj 4 stars
They are there for you. Everything and more. Brent 5 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
ddcinvestor205 1 stars
Robert Allen Coaching is Excellent Mike Lucas 5 stars
You've Goota be Kidding bob 1 stars
Robert G. Allen is a scammer William Clements 1 stars
If you cannot follow through, do not bother!!! Disappointed realtor 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Medical Disaster Hits, No Compassion Art 1 stars
Liars.... Cathy 1 stars
Mr J 1 stars
HAs anyone used a lawyer to get their money back ? Jon 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
There's no easy Money Bill K 1 stars
Service stops the MINUTE they get your money Venloe Scott 1 stars
His organisation charged me $7000 for materials never sent Marguerite Louis 1 stars
Re: Anyone Have Tom Williams, www.missionmillionaire.com JC 2 stars
lost my $2.995 for nothing Rose 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Hype, Fraud, you name it. Read verbatim "Chat" Richard Bodt 1 stars
High Pressure Sales Sharks Kay 1 stars
Real Estate Nothing Down Ken Holloway 2 stars
please read this before taking action Carol 1 stars
Another Crappy Spammer Doris Boris. 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Self Promoting Liar Kate Ashland 1 stars
Robert G Allen - Shocking!! Fraser Baillie 1 stars
The Seminar has all the emotion of a Pep Rally Mike G. 1 stars
Crude Ripoff Harold Mounce 1 stars
Robert G Allen Credit Card Scam Disgruntled Customer 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Impossible to get a refund-STAY AWAY Buck 1 stars
Anyone have Tom Williams, www.missionmillionaire.com Jessica 1 stars
Robert Allen - One of the Good Guys Richard from Colorado Springs 5 stars
They are all the same ilia kosta 1 stars
could robert g. allen be robert george allen from canda? deidre parks 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Making million,is it a myth or reality? R BALLOO 1 stars
Screwed and paying to Get Back Money Beverly 1 stars
Refunds for Robert Allen are hard to come by TY 1 stars
Still skeptical, especially with the presenter! EC 3 stars
HARD WORK AND HUGE PROFITS Danny Jergenson 4 stars
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