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Prudent Speculator

The "Prudent Speculator" is a stock trading newsletter for the more conservative and prudent investor.

This newsletter is one of the more trustworthy and venerable names in the investment newsletter business, and is even published by Forbes.

The "Prudent Speculator" was founded by Al Frank, the founder of an asset management firm bearing his name, and is now written primarily by one of Frank's long-time assistants, John Buckingham.

Most stock trading newsletters do NOT outperform the market. In fact, most underperform major indexes.

Even the ones that can boast a winning track record acquire the bulk of their gains either at the very beginning of new bull markets, or by holding stocks for enormous amounts of time.

It certainly pays for investors to evaluate newsletters prior to forking over a pretty penny to subscribe to them. "Hulbert's Financial Digest" has been ranking newsletters for almost 30 years.

Over that time, the "Prudent Speculator" has consistently been one of the top performing newsletters.

Recently, Hulbert said the "Prudent Speculator" was the ONLY newsletter that kept most of its returns after the first three and six months of a new bull market.

To be sure, the "Prudent Speculator's" investment style is conservative and relies on fundamental analysis.

You won't be seeing penny stocks or obscure companies with little information available recommended by the "Prudent Speculator".

Obviously, the focus on value investing and eschewing attempts at overnight riches has worked. According to Forbes, the "Prudent Speculator" received Hulbert's #1 ranking for 15, 20 and 25-year performance.

The guys behind the "Prudent Speculator" analyze about 1,000 stocks and their picks are usually held for three to five years.

I'm a big fan of the "Prudent Speculator", and strongly recommend it to fellow investors.

For $295 a year with a six-month money-back guarantee, this newsletter is a steal.

It's reputation and performance are unrivaled in the world of stock newsletters, and I genuinely look forward to every new issue.

I give the "Prudent Speculator" 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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