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Philip Tirone Review

Is Philip Tirone a scam?

Philip Tirone has a reputation as being one of the leading credit score improvement gurus but is he the real deal or just another shyster promising the world and preying on the hardships of his customers.

Philip and his programs have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Woman's World Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Bottom Line Magazine, and the New York Times bestseller “Secrets of the Young & Successful.” Philip has also been a frequent guest lecturer at UCLA Anderson School of Business and Management.

But who really cares about all this?

I know I don't! I only care about 1 thing - performance.

To learn the truth about Philip Tirone, I did what I often do and that is to act as one of his customers / students and I bought his course to see what it's all about.

Before I had a chance to dig in to Philip's online program called "Credit Power Pro", I sat in on one of his teleseminars, that he hosts regularly for his customers, and had a chance to listen to his spiel.

If you've ever attended the typical "teleseminar", you already know that many of the "gurus" use a their teleseminar as nothing more than a glorified infomercial that offers little to no useful content and instead load them up with sales hype.

So honestly, I was not expecting too much much when I logged into the "Credit Advantage Teleseminar" but after about 10 minutes, I knew this one was different than the rest as Philip was actually opening the kimono and laying out exactly what a person needs to do to boost their credit score.

And to boost that critical score FAST.

Since I've wasted far too many hours of my life on these "tele-infomercials", I developed the habit of watching TV at the same time I log into the call but this time I actually turned Seinfeld off and focused 100% of my attention on the call.

And then I did something I have never done on a teleseminar ....I actually asked Philip Tirone a question. Followed by my next big surprise; Philip gave me a direct answer ...without trying to sell me anything.

Philip Tirone is Scoring Points Now!

So far so good. Philip can really work his way around a teleconference but can his product match up to his speaking ability or is he an "empty suit"?

The next day, I dedicated 2 hours to sit and study Credit Power Pro to see if the online study program would stand up to the same scrutiny. After all, great talkers can't always put that same quality into a written program.

But here is where I needed to do a 2 step evaluation:

1. Evaluate the product quality.

2. Determine if it actually works.

As I evaluated the Credit Power Pro system, it was easy to see that it was written by a true industry expert. But if this were the only good thing I could say about Philip's program, I would call it a failure because it's never good enough to provide accurate information.

The information also needs to be presented in a manner that is easily understood and in a step-by-step system so anyone can understand it and put it into play.

The Credit Power Pro system passes both with flying colors. It's well written and laid out in an easy to follow format. I'm confident that anyone will be able to follow this course and benefit from it if they simply sit for a few hours and actually go through the course.

The second part was a little harder to evaluate with absolute certainty since I did not really have a credit score issue to fix.

Instead I relied on extensive research to learn the experiences of others to help with this portion of my evaluation. I scoured the net and could easily see that the high level of positive comments about Philip's program pointed to a system that does what's promised and more.

Philip Tirone a scam? ... this is an easy one to answer for me. Philip Tirone earns a solid recommendation from this Scam Detective. I've learned to trust Philip and you should too.

Best Wishes

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