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Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts Review

Ken Roberts, in my opinion, is just another famous vendor of hype.

A college drop-out and former life insurance salesman, Ken Roberts persuades investors that with an initial capital of only $1000, they can become victorious traders.

Roberts published a mail-order book in 1983 called "The World's Most Powerful Money Manual & Course". It contains tips and policies about futures and about getting anything you want, be it mentally, physically or spiritually out of life.

He claims to have sold over 300,000 copies at $195 each, which works out to nearly $60 million. Roberts charges $2,695 for his advanced trading seminar, and states that futures trading is one of the world's greatest businesses.

He hawks trading charts, a newsletter, a course on options and his novel, The Rich Man's Secret. 

Ken Robert's course does not give any extraordinary information at all. It is cheaper and simply easier to collect information from any local library or book store.

The facts mentioned in the course is available in other free manuals and books, hence it is not worth wasting money on this course.

He has made good money from high commissions of his brokerage firm, but not from commodity marketing.

People who are buying Robert's program on commodity business are not very successful.

Even Ken Robert admits that 95% of the commodity marketers fail to gain money, but still he tries to sell his program by spreading the idea that commodity business is a very simple way to earn money.

I believe that it is very apparent that Ken Roberts is more keen on selling and promoting his course than implementing them in the actually commodity market.

Ken also owns a California brokerage firm called Main Street Trading. Many small active traders are losing money, because of the high commission charges ($95 a trade).

This hype has definitely earned Ken Roberts millions of dollars, and an Oregon mansion with a cigar room, but customer's mansions are no where to be seen.

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Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Ken Roberts Hayes Dallas 1 stars
Very Good Introductory to Futures Trading. Neil 4 stars
ken robertsEFP2 ivan condit 4 stars
It is a scam Me 1 stars
Excellent starting point Luke 5 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
a story to tell Chuck 5 stars
Not worth the price Robbie 1 stars
A good Place to start John 3 stars
Potential??? Randy 2 stars
ken roberts-review edward bliss 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
believe it or not Jonathan Dickey 4 stars
If you only knew what I know! He knows who this is... 1 stars
It takes more than a $1000.00 to start. Gary Greier 2 stars
excellent course ralega 5 stars
A Learning experince Bob 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Ken Roberts - A Man of Truth K. K. Davis 5 stars
Thank God for Ken. You are the Man with the Plan Frank 5 stars
It's What You Make of It Frances 3 stars
I LIKE IT! Mike 4 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Marketing Genius Vince Campillo 5 stars
My thoughts on Ken Roberts Paul Eldredge 4 stars
Not a scam, though be careful Eric H. 3 stars
Real Deal Ken Roberts Erich Siebert 5 stars
traderj 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Basis for a start Larry 3 stars
Rip Off Price for Easily available material on the Web Joe 2 stars
ken roberts thumbs down, don't waste your time George 1 stars
Well Written Futures Course S. Allen 5 stars
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Jim P 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Great intro to commodities Rick Storm 5 stars
Smart enough to dump Ken Roberts Mark M 1 stars
Where Ken got the information Tim 4 stars
Paper trade, paper trade, paper trade. Jim 5 stars
Ken Roberts just didn't give you the whole truth!!!!!! D Hill 2 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Ken's OK but be prepared to work hard JWG 4 stars
PAY FROM PROFIT Bill Watts 1 stars
Scum bag thief Jack 1 stars
has a great startimg program very well written 5 stars
The Ken Is Your Friend Joseph Glover 5 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
rip off artist roger 1 stars
Former K. Roberts Broker Gives True Scoop B. Brody 1 stars
uphill battle Kevin 5 stars
Ken Roberts "NOT" Gene 1 stars
LEARNED ALLOT Guy Shannon 4 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Former Ken Roberts broker tells all J. Jarvis 1 stars
Scam Lenard D 1 stars
Ken's Course is a Good Start Josh H. 3 stars
Teacher Ken UCLABERT 5 stars
waste of time and Money Tony Reese 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Simplistic Ken 2 stars
Patrick Lawlor 1 stars
greed is a killer Stephen 5 stars
Self Control ?? RayCoach 5 stars
Similar to Gambling Steve K. 1 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
crummy bob 1 stars
Not happy with it oz glaze 3 stars
Ken Roberts Steve Simeral 4 stars
Overhyped Product Steve 1 stars
just like anything else.You must learn for yourself. Xavier Williams 4 stars
Review Title Reviewed By Rating
Works but hard work and common sence are involved. Steven Narbonne 4 stars
My experience with Ken Roberts James Thompson 1 stars
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