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1Shoppingcart Review

1Shoppingcart can be considered the "old horse" of the large shopping cart solutions, as they are one of the largest and oldest on the market today.

But... being one of the first providers also comes with some baggage. Based upon the older ASP programming languages, 1Shoppingcart seems to lack the modern technology needed to perform at the levels of the other, more modern, shopping cart solutions.

1Shoppingcart has the basic features you would expect in a hosted shopping cart solution:

  • Shopping cart

  • Affiliate Program

  • Auto Responder Service

  • Marketing Pop-Ups

  • Basic Bundled Offers

  • Simple Analytics

I'm not sure whether it's the disadvantage of using an older programming language, or the company's philosophy that holds 1Shoppingcart back. But whatever it is, it seems to take a good concept, and not maximize it's potential.

Upgrades From Hell

1Shoppingcart has tried to make "upgrades" to their systems but their upgrades are often viewed as "downgrades" by many. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean:

On the merchant's admin order page, 1Shoppingcart used to show the name of the affiliate that sold the product. This made it very simple to glance at your orders, and see which affiliates were selling for you.

But then, 1Shoppingcart decided to "upgrade" this feature and changed it from the affiliates name to "Details".

So... instead of being able to glance at your page to see which affiliates are selling, you now need to click on every single "Details" link next to every single order to see which affiliate is selling. And you need to do this one at a time, because it will only allow you to display, you guessed it, one at a time.

To be blunt, what knucklehead thought this would be an improvement to anyone?

Which makes me believe that this change was not done as an "Upgrade" as claimed, rather it was done to make 1Shoppingcart perform faster by pulling less actual data from the database each time someone pulls up the order page.

Which leads me to the other major problem with 1Shoppingcart - SPEED.

1Shoppingcart Is Slow

Using functions such as "search" on the order pages exposes the technology gap with 1Shoppingcart and the more modern carts. Trying to scroll through the affiliate orders can also be painful as the system moves slowly at best but gets worse and kicks you out of the account or loses all formatting on the page and displays the information in it's raw form.

How 1Shoppingcart is going to fix this is beyond my capabilities to answer. I assume that there will be some point in the future where they simply replace their old ASP based system with something more modern.

Upgrades From Hell - Part 2

But wait .. there's so many more "upgrades" that I need to tell you about a few more (still just the tip of the iceberg):

1Shoppingcart has been completely shut down for over 24 hours after one of their more recent "upgrades" ...and why do they keep doing their "upgrades" on Mondays during peak sales hours? Why not in the middle of the night so they have time to fix their bugs without decimating an entire day of sales for their merchants?

Or how about the bug they created in another "upgrade" that did not account for refunds in the affiliate's accounts. When you give a refund to a customer, this is supposed to also adjust the affiliate's commissions (if the product was sold by an affiliate) but 1Shoppingcart "upgraded" this function away.

The net result was that the merchants not only paid out the refund but they were also stuck paying the affiliate commission for an order they no longer had.

But I guess it all evened out because 1Shoppingcart "upgraded" the system one day and then the affiliates suddenly stopped getting credit for sales they created. Everyone knows how important good affiliates are and how important it is to ensure they get their credit --- or they leave!

It's questionable whether the auto responder has any value at all. Back in 2006 or 2005, 1Shoppingcart was basically black listed (by their own admission) and no email from their auto responders was actually making to any inboxes. they spent quite a bit of time fixing the issue but recognizing the insurmountable task, they opted to offer merchants their own mailing IP ...at $129 / month.

Hmmm ...$129 / month or simply use a service like PremiumAR's auto responder service which already has excellent mail service for only $19 / month ..let me think about this.

How do I know all these things to be true? I used 1Shoppingcart for years so I was able to experience all their glorious "upgrades" first hand ...

Expensive Customer Support

With any shoppingcart, it's likely that you'll need some assistance to set things up properly.

A good system will have an intuitive interface, with videos to further explain how things operate, including the strategies behind them. 1Shoppingcart has unfortunately decided to charge their customers hundreds of dollars for a service that most people believe should be included with their monthly subscription.

Just look at how expensive using 1Shoppingcart can become if you have a question:

  • $34 per phone call ...or

  • $34 / Month ...or

  • $379 / Year ...Wow, that's a lot of extra money!


Taking all these factors into account, here's my final score for 1Shoppingcart.

Ease Of Use:   
Sales Tools:  

Bottom Line: Old technology, unreliable "upgrades", limited functionality but a relatively simple system to use - My score is a 2 Star for 1Shoppingcart

Best Wishes

P.S. 1Shoppingcart really needs to step up and add new functions to their offering, not simply "upgrades" of their existing product.

P.P.S. Check out my review of Premium Web Cart to see if this solution fits your needs a little better. This is currently my #1 rated shopping cart / ecommerce marketing solution. 


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