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3DCart Software Review

3DCart is the creation of Infomart 2000, a Florida company founded in 1997 to develop Internet services for small to medium size companies. 3DCart Shopping Cart Software became the standardized offering in 2001.

 Its Website is clean and easy to follow, with information laid out efficiently. A free trial is available without credit card information.

Functionality and Features

The list of features is extensive including: free domain transfer and registration, secure PCI complaint hosting, unlimited emails, aliases and auto-responders, FTP access for advanced users, Web-based administration and so on.

The design of 3DCart enables you to modify-for every content and item page title tags, meta tags and alt tags for images.

If you want a custom site, you can arrange with 3DCart for design services, but the base software enables you to import products, set up the shipping and billing options and submit your site to search engines.

You can learn how to use the product through an online demo. Either the store admin or the store front side is available for demo. Breadcrumbs are automatically enabled to save time during construction of your interface.

A variety of monthly pricing plan exists, from $19.99 for 50 products/1 GB bandwidth to $99.99 for unlimited products/15 GB Bandwidth.

A standard $99 set up fee is charged for all plans. (It divides its pricing categories into Small Business, Corporate, and a series of Specials.)

Aside from the standard plans, 3DCart provides custom programming services for tailoring a configuration or implementation to your needs, particularly for larger-enterprise clients.


The default language for site construction is ASP, which presents some issues for search engine spider accessibility. Permanent/static names for pages are enabled, however, partly limited.

For example you can use some keywords in the name of your product page, such as: www.yourstore.com/{storename-depatment}-g-10.html The purpose of the g-10 destination in this example is to facilitate access of the proper category, whether this suffix designation affects search engine optimization is not known.

Some other features that are available in other products but have limited or no implementation with 3DCart are drag and drop store design, industry-specific theme packages, a robust messaging system, and flexible export.

Support and Documentation

3DCart has a well-architected support system, with 24/7 phone and email access, video help, a sophisticated knowledge base, tutorials, and online forums.

As for documentation in the nature of integrated product descriptions or user guides, that seems to be lacking.

The sales and support focus of the company appears to serve the smaller catalog or cart user-with quick-response solutions to typical problems-but if you are implementing a larger-enterprise e-commerce interface, you'll probably need professional services from the 3DCart team.


3DCart is a satisfactory e-commerce product, with substantial, effective support for the average buyer built in from the beginning. 

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5) 

A 5-star e-commerce solution is available with Premium Web Cart, which is full-featured and usable across the widest range of business size. It is also built on the latest Web technologies and comes to you in an affordable suite of options designed to aggressively grow your core business. 

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A Truly Excellent Choice Karen 4 stars
False Advertising Datgirl 1 stars
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