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Nanacast Review

Nanacast shopping cart software is an interesting but fundamentally flawed software product.

If Nanacast were a person, and being subjected to a physiological exam, I think the overwhelming consensus of the expert doctors is that Nanacast suffers from bipolar disorder.

On the one hand, Nanacast  would appear to be a feature laden online shopping cart system with built in functionality highly sought after by online information marketers.

For example, Nanacast has a built in membership script and is fully integrated with several popular auto responder email systems. Nanacast also offers the following marketing functions:

  • Coupons

  • Recurring billing

  • Trial periods

  • Affiliate system

  • API for inbound and outbound

  • Integration with other 3rd party systems

So on the surface, this seems like a system that will form the basic foundation of any online business. But look below the surface and you might discover an entirely different animal.

Nanacast - The Psycho Cousin

Josh Anderson, founder of Nanacast, unfortunately does not seem to understand a basic tenant of good user interface design.

The huge problem with Nanacast is that it was developed with the intent of being used by the masses of internet marketers but the product design / interface is so poor and confoundedly difficult to use that all these good ideas are effectively wasted.

The fundamental issue is that it really does not matter whether an idea or function exists if the average user is unable to utilize it. When a software product is developed, it needs to take into account the fact that the user of the product is not the developer of the product.

A product user should expect to have the information "spoon fed" to them and made easy to understand not only "why" something works but also easily see "how" it works.

While Josh Anderson may find it exceedingly simple to locate and implement the functions in has shopping cart system, the average user is dumbfounded by the complexity and seemingly random nature of the user interface.

Nanacast might be a great product conceptually, but until Josh hires an outside consultant to completely revamp his admin user interface, I cannot recommend this product to anyone other than people in Josh's address book that have the ability to contact him personally to learn where things are and how they work.

Infusionsoft is often referred to as "confusionsoft" but after playing with Nanacast, it's obvious that in a comparison of Nanacast versus Infusionsoft, Nanacast now takes the unenviable title of being the most confusing and most difficult online shopping cart software to use for even the most technical online marketers.

In addition, I think there are some pretty major functionality and feature omissions with Nanacast.

Nanacast - Missing Features & Functions

The reality of online marketing today dictates that there's more to running a business than simply selling a product. Unless you provide the following systems, you're really only providing a portion of the "marketing system" necessary:

  • Ticket System - Relying on email for sales or customer support is not only unreliable, it screams amateur.

  • Live Chat - Even if you can't sit in front of your computer all day, live chat will still instantly boost your sales leads and conversions

  • Surveys - It's not enough to watch your site stats, you must probe deeper and learn from your customers

  • Click to Call - Even more important and effective than a toll free number on your site.

  • Physical Order Management - Integration with others is OK but too limiting.

  • Gift Cards - Sophisticated gift card systems are now required as a baseline function for a modern system

  • Suggest a Feature - Crowd source your product development is key to success and you need an automated method to accomplish this.

  • Fulfillment Services - Front to back integration is key for effective management.

...and finally, all the online marketers I know have more than one website or more than one idea for more than one website.

These people need a system that handles multiple websites and multiple membership sites with true form, feel AND functionality all under one umbrella, all managed with one simple login, and there's only one online shopping cart system that does this on the market today.

Discover the system I use and why I use it - Learn more about Premium Web Cart vs Nanacast.

Best Wishes


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