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Premium Web Cart

Premium Web Cart Review

Premium Web Cart (technically it's called PremiumWebCart), is a modern entry to the shopping cart field.

**Fair Disclosure** - After reviewing all the shopping cart systems available, I chose PremiumWebCart and I still use it today.

So in one way, this may be considered a biased review but I think that after you finish reading this entire review, you'll understand why PremiumWebCart is not only my 5 Star Choice, but my personal choice as well.

Advanced Technology (Elite Package)

CRM + Integrated Autoresponder + "If Then" Logic = 1 Powerful Customer Segmentation Tool!

There are carts out there that tell you they have a "CRM" but this term is used so loosely that a simple order screen can be considered a "CRM" since you can look up a customer, etc. What Premium Web Cart has is a true CRM with advanced Sales Funnels.

The sales funnels incorporate automated emails, automated documents (snail mail) and automated tasks to create a true systematic sales process with a high level of automation that really leverages the ability of a small business to act like a much larger organization.

But the key is really the simplicity of it all.

While other systems also have sales funnels and "if then" capabilities, it's just that they're so complicated that it requires a $300/hour 3rd party consultant to make it work. So this is the real benefit behind the Premium Web Cart automation, it's easy to implement and easy to use each day as a business tool.

Here's a quick list of the CRM features:

  • Built In Autoresponder - Amazing list segmentation

  • Automated Task Assignment - Based upon sales path triggers

  • Automated Documents - Put snail mail back into your sales flow automatically

  • "If Then" Logic - Unlimited customer mgt automation

  • Graphical Interface - No consultants needed

This CRM and autoresponder system is really oriented toward the small business looking to earn more money from the same basic customer base and internal human resources.
Project Manager
Still using email to communicate and manage your projects with webmasters, and others on your team?
End the "lost email" syndrome today and watch your projects start to get done on time and done right the 1st time. That's the benefit you'll receive from almost any real project manager but now you get a fully featured project manager included so there's no excuse for not using it.
As a long time Basecamp user, I was able to quickly recognize that the Premium Web Cart project manager retained the "simplicity" that I grew to love about Basecamp, but added the missing features that frustrated me for so long - This is a great Basecamp alternative!
Here are my favorite features (This is not the entire feature list)
  • Unlimited Projects - I like small projects so I need to have a lot of projects running at once

  • Graphical Status Bar - Point and click to update the task status

  • Task Priority - Get the hot items done 1st

  • Move Tasks - Because I use small projects, I need to move tasks from 1 project to another

  • Project Sprints - Chop your projects into small "sprints" for easy planning and accountability

  • Task Approval - Decide which tasks will need admin approval before being considered "completed".

I seem to have a different standard of what I consider "completed" and what my webmaster thinks is "completed" so this has been a HUGE benefit to me and resolves the #1 complaint I had with Basecamp. (With Basecamp, the task is either "open" or "closed" and when it's closed, it disappears to a whole new section making the management of tasks infuriating). 
Unlimited File Size Digital Download System - As the name implies, you can now sell a 10Gig (or bigger) digital file and deliver it through Premium Web Cart's system without the need to try to hide the file somewhere because the file is too big for automated and secure digital delivery.
Merchant Account Rotator - Have a big launch coming up? Nervous about selling too much and having your merchant account frozen? This handy feature takes that worry off the table so you can focus on selling more, not selling an "allowable amount". 

Basic Technology

Starting off with the underlying technology, you'll see that PremiumWebCart is built on a solid foundation of modern web technologies, i.e. PHP and Ajax. Compared to other dated carts using ASP etc, it's easy to see that PremiumWebCart's ecommerce foundation is built for versatility, growth, and long term usage.

While the older technologies will likely remain usable for years to come, it's still a situation where there will be serious limitations with limited options for functionality improvements.

To better understand what I mean, think about cell phones for a minute. Motorola owned the market with over 80% market share when cell phones were based off of the old Analog technology.

But when the market turned digital and then to Smart Phones, Motorola was crushed by the competitors i.e. Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. Motorola still had the best Analog phones made, but the "foundation" of their product was the wrong technology. Analog cell phones still work today but do you want to run your business on one? NO!

And so it is with web technology... You must start off with the right foundation or everything you add on top of that foundation will always be a step or two behind.

Bottom line: Only consider a cart with the correct & current underlying technology - Your cart needs to be RELIABLE & EXPANDABLE!

Shopping Cart Software Suite / Integration

The second most important consideration is how all the software you need to actually run your business integrates with the other software you need.

The reality is that a shopping cart is only one small piece of the ecommerce puzzle. You need a lot more than a simple shopping cart to actually run your business. For example, if you're not running an affiliate program you might just be insane (I mean this... it's absolutely critical).

But I know some businesses avoid running an affiliate program because of the complexity involved and management headaches. PremiumWebCart makes it very simple to set up, manage and pay your affiliates.

And what about support? This is another area where I see so many businesses fall flat. In this era of spam filters killing off 31%, or more, of the email traffic, does it really make sense to run your support department through email?

With PremiumWebCart, you're not only getting a state of the art support ticket system with their unique "Instant Answers Technology", you get to use this for an UNLIMITED number of websites and customized for each website. This is a huge advantage over other support systems like Kayako that forces you to buy a new license for every single website.

Not only is PremiumWebCart's solution a lot cheaper, it's also a lot easier since you only log into one admin area to control all your websites.

The Affiliate System and Ticket Support System are the "must haves"... but smart businesses will typically be using these features too:

  • Live Chat - Industry insiders cite real life examples of sales increases of 32.8% and more.

  • Surveys - I've personally used this feature to learn things about my products I NEVER would have guessed. Website statistics will tell you what people are doing, but surveys will tell you why they're doing it. This has got to be the "sleeper" killer app right now.

  • Membership Site - This only applies to people that want to run a paid membership site, but if you want to do this with any other ecommerce solution, you need to buy separate software for every membership site. With PremiumWebCart you can run unlimited membership sites as part of your package.

  • Advanced Tracking - All tracking basically works the same, i.e. with a series of redirects, counting etc. The thing I like about this tracking package is the easy ability to split test my sales pages. Here again, split testing is pretty generic but PremiumWebCart takes the concept a step further and has "rotation testing" so you can easily split test up to five pages at one time.

    This is a huge time advantage to get your conversion rates as high as possible, and as quickly as possible.

  • Advertising Management - If you have multiple websites, and want to run your own banner ads or affiliate banner ads on your site, this dedicated module will not only do it for you but it will also track & measure your performance to ensure you're running only the best ads possible.

  • Reports / Graphs - Raw data is OK, but I like charts and graphs to make all the data actually make sense to me. PremiumWebCart has an extensive array of reports available, and they put them into easy to digest color charts making the data simple to understand at a glance.

    For example... if you run recurring billing, PremiumWebCart will display graphs that show you exactly how much money you'll earn in the time periods selected, i.e. monthly revenue for the next year... etc.

Bottom line: If you're only running 1 website, the features I listed in the bullet points above all work in a comparable nature as their competitors. The big difference is this:

  1. If you have multiple websites, or you might have multiple websites in the future, you can customize these functions for all your websites so each is website specific and you never pay for multiple licenses.

  2. All of these features are integrated with your system so you manage everything from one "master control panel" instead of "piece mealing" all these things together.

My Favorite Feature - A PremiumWebCart Exclusive

If you're like me, you probably spend half your day just logging into your shopping cart to see how many sales you have, which affiliates are selling, etc.

With the Dashboard that you get with PremiumWebCart, all this information is piped directly to your desktop. How much this feature alone is worth is hard to figure, but I can tell you that it's now the last thing I would ever give up in a shopping cart.

I almost never log into my cart account, because all the info I need is already at my finger tips... which means I spend more time getting more sales, and less time looking at my sales.

Your affiliates will also get their own dashboard with an "Instant Sales Notification". I love this feature, because I think it keeps my affiliates motivated.

Every time they see that Instant Sales Notification pop-up... it simply reinforces the value of promoting my products.

This Will Be Your Favorite Feature - Personal Cart Advisor

I personally don't use this feature because I find PremiumWebCart very easy to set-up and use... even though I'm not really a very technical person. I have to pay other people to build websites for me since I don't know programming, but this is still easy enough for me to do on my own.

I'm amazed at some of the "rat's nests" I've encountered with these other competing carts. Almost like they just started "plopping" in features and options in random places instead of thinking the whole process through.

But any shopping cart can be intimidating when you first try to get it all set up. So in addition to the video tutorials included, you also get a Personal Cart Advisor from PremiumWebCart that takes you through every single step of the process.

And this is not simply some low level support guy, you actually get a dedicated expert that is assigned specifically to you to help you whenever you need it (obviously not at 2:00 AM).

So if you're not sure you're up to the task of setting up your entire ecommerce process, your Personal Cart Advisor will practically do it all for you.

Last But Not Least - The Money Maker

If PremiumWebCart only did what I've already described, it would still likely be the #1 cart on the market, but since the creators of PremiumWebCart are also product marketers, there's an extensive array of tools specifically designed to boost sales... all built in.

The most powerful solutions in the cart are the various "up selling tools" to configure bundled packages, and also the "up sell" options are unlike any other cart available.

The "up sell" capabilities allow you to create up sell offers, down sell offers, bundled packages, bundles packages with an up sell offer, etc. They also do the "associated products" like Amazon,... etc. But this technique is so much less effective than the up sell techniques that it's hardly worth mentioning.

This is a long review... I realize this, but PremiumWebCart has so much already built in it's really like reviewing 9 different products. I didn't even mention all the features offered or it would really get out of hand.

So if you skipped to the bottom... just know this; PremiumWebCart beats anything I've seen hands down. I told you I was biased since I use PremiumWebCart myself, but why would I pick anything else?

Do yourself a favor, and at least take it for a test drive - Learn More About PremiumWebCart Here

Ease Of Use:
Sales Tools:

I knocked half-a-star off ease of use because there are so many features included that it takes longer to get your arms around all the possibilities available. the key to understanding it all is to make sure that you utilize your dedicated personal account advisor.

Best Wishes


P.S. Here's a little "insider secret" for you. To get a free month of PremiumWecCart's service, simply opt-into their newsletter and they'll give a Free Month's Bonus Coupon just for opting in. I can't guarantee how long they'll be doing this, but it's worth a try since it's free to join.


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